Work With Max – Shopping Centres

I love partnering with shopping centres to amplify their marketing efforts and bring more feet into the centre.

I specialise in 360° and traditional photography for shopping centres.

This content then goes on the world number 1 search engine – Google, for all the world to see.

Most tentants just don’t have the skills, time or equipment to do this. So I can help your tenants go from “meh” to “WOW” in just one day! When I visit, each tentant gets a 360° photo, traditional photo and Google Maps optimisation. All of the finished photos will be provided to the centre, and can be reused on their website / social media too.

Before & After Examples

360 example

I can supercharge and support those tentants, and help them bring in more traffic, helping the entire centre.

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Results for previous statisfied shopping centres over 12 month period.

Spencer Outlet Centre3 million views
Victoria Gardens4 million views
District Docklands2 million views
Sunshine Plaza1.5 million views

The best part is, I can provided detailed data & reports on the relative performance and popularity of individual tentants too. Contact me for more data insight information.

Google Maps Management

We offer a full service marketing management so you can make your centre the most attractive to shoppers.

We publish weekly content on your centre (New store openings / special offers) for people who find your centre on Google Maps.

In addition, we respond to reviews, and answer customer questions.

We provide insights for your centre, including searches, direction requests, phone calls, photo views and more.

Event Photography

Taking high resolution photos of your event or launch.

A warm & friendly photographer to capture your customer’s smiles.

Producing images that are perfect for use on your website or social media.

Images provided without watermarks.

All photos are provided via Google Drive

$65 per hour


Shopping centres under 100 stores – $2,500 for a 360 & traditional photos + Google Maps optimisation of every tentant & the centre.

Shopping centres over 100 tentants – Contact me for a quote

Google Maps Review management – $300 per month

Restaurant Blog for your website & social media – $200

Examples –


Want to learn more? Let’s hop on a call and see how we can work together!