Dessert Culture

Taiwanese desserts are becoming increasingly popular in Melbourne. My favourite dish is the xuehua bing (雪花冰), a mountain of ice shavings with heaped with toppings like adzuki beans, taro balls, tapioca, jelly and fresh fruit. It’s particularly good for people with allergies, as just like a pizza, you can easily ask them to remove these toppings from your dish. We saw this store while walking down Chaple street and had to give it a go!

We ordered the “D2”, – Crushed Ice with Taro Ball, Pearl, Sweet Potato Ball and Red Bean for $8. The bowl was generous and full of great fillings. The seating was really comfy too, and there were USB chargers under the table. If you’re looking for yummy desserts in Chaple Street, check out Dessert Culture.

P.S. Want to be rewarded for your loyalty to Melbourne’s best restaurants? For a $10 off your first order at Dessert Culture, try paying with Liven. Use my promo code: UQG17 for $10 off!

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