Sideshow Burgers

Sideshow Burgers is a American style burger joint just across from South Yarra Station. I enjoyed their signature Sideshow burger, with beef, lettuce, pickle, mustard, kewpie mayo, ketchup, grilled onions, and added bacon on top! The burger was hearty and delicious. With the crispy fried and onion rings on side of course. Their churros on the dessert menu were a winner. They only had 1 staff member on when we visited so the service was dissapointly slow. Great vibes and value, worth visiting if you’re in the area!

P.S. Want to be rewarded for your loyalty to Melbourne’s best restaurants? For a $10 off your first order at Sideshow Burgers, try paying with Liven. Use my promo code: UQG17 for $10 off!

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