Red Gum BBQ

After a beautiful visit to the Arthurs Seat Eagle, Janeca, Cheryl, Will and I were starving. We turned to Google Maps, and it showed Red Gum BBQ was nearby. They have huge communal tables giving the place a nice village vibe. If your village is filled with carnivores of course!

The highlight had to the beef ribs. The meat just fell off the bone, it was soft and moist, and topped with a moreish pepper spice rubs. The BBQ beans were really tangy, with its vinegary sauce helping to break up the intensity of the meat. The brisket and potato salad were good as well. The pork ribs were thick, fatty and this amazing pink colour. You could tell they cooked it low and slow, and tasted delicious as a result.

The fitout of the restaurant was very nice, and the staff were attentive. Some mains can be a bit on the pricey side, so if you are on a budget, they have affordable options like the pork rib tips or brisket sausage for just $12. There was a real family atmosphere, lots of prams and strollers near the kid’s play area, this is a real family-friendly venue. Out niece Tiffany didn’t get to try it as she was fast asleep!

If you want some delicious BBQ meats in the Mornington Penisula, you’ve got to visit Red Gum BBQ.

Beef Brisket
Pork Ribs
Pork Ribs Tips
Beef Ribs
BBQ Beans
Potato Salad


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